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Volvo Cars (Swedish: Volvo personvagnar), stylized as VOLVO, is a Swedish luxury automobile marque. It is headquartered in Torslanda in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Volvo caught cheating and wrote an article about it on January 2020, "Researchers at the DUH group "discovered, what is in our view, a clearly illegal defeat device when measuring exhaust from a Volvo XC60... in real on-road driving", they said in a statement. So-called defeat devices manage car engines to allow higher emissions out on the road than under test conditions. At temperatures between nine and 22 degrees Celsius (48-72 Fahrenheit), the Volvo's diesel motor emitted four times more harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) than allowed under "Euro 5" standards, DUH said."


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Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"They don’t actually care about customers - customer complaints are treated like vermin - they attack attack attack - was fun and games but I felt sorry for the unfortunate customer behind the phone / email"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"This place is the worst plant in America I hate the whole management team , they treat their employees like slaves this was the worst experience ever in my life"

Process Technician (Current Employee) says

"Volvo as a company harbors a lot of racist managers. They thrive on retaliation , creating a hostile work environment, targeting and bullying anyone of color who stands up to them. This company is not represented by honorable people."

Dock Clerk (Former Employee) says

"No good management skilled people of care of others. HR team sucks have no chain of command rules. I wittiness someone wrongfully fires because they didn’t lied for HR"

Receptionist (Current Employee) says

"If your looking for a job that is fair to all employees Volvo is NOT your chose. One women is your HR and she only votes with the click right or wrong."

Senior Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Volvo of Escondido does not care for their employees and not only underpays them, but continuously disrespects their employees. Management constantly runs around like a headless chicken and treats employees unfairly.Air Conditioningpoor management, toxic work enviroment"

Logistics Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Poor management. No one there that's in a superintendent and up are qualified for their positions. They come up with processes that make your job unnecessarily tedious. They do not implement feedback from employees. HR lied and said that they rarely do overtime, yet my first day of the floor until I departed the company, I have worked mandatory overtime. 60 hours a week mandatory. They do not give you time off when you request it. They show favoritism to employees that suck up to them. They constantly threaten your job if you have an emergency and can't come in or need to leave. There is no work life balance. They do not care for their employees. All team members are expendable and not truly valued.Paycheck is on timeShort breaks, management is poor, hr is poor, long hours, no time off, no appreciation"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Managers sit around all day long, They don't listen to the people actually doing the work about what needs to be changed. They way more out of you than feasibly possible. My advice: Run don't look back."

CCR1 (Former Employee) says

"Worst workplace I've seen and been the hiring managers are careless and don't hesitate to throw you out like dirt or I'd say to fire you then escort you out in front of everybody. Don't get tricked by everyone trying to be nice or friendly because they're not especially the managers. Everything they tell you at the interview is pure lies. Don't even waste your time with them because over my work period there I saw employees quitting every week. The first time you are late that might be your last day of work even if it was because of a flat tire. Working for them was a waste of my time and my energy. If you are desperately looking for a job you can join them, but keep looking for something better. If not don't even waste your time."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"vrienden omgeving is daar prima als je persoonlijk werkt is het moeilijk daarom werken ze daar liever samen in een ploeg.geenja"

Montör, Lernia (Former Employee) says

"Jobbade med Volvos sämsta arbetslag, så jag har inte en jättebra eller rättvis bild av Volvo. Det var främst min arbetsledare som inte följde de rutiner som var uppsatta av chefen. i övrigt var det en spännande arbetsmiljö och en hel det bra kollegor.Bra OB tillägg"

Assembly Operator (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Volvo Cars through Kelly Services. If I knew it wasn't going be a temp to perm I wouldn't take the position. As a temp worker at Volvo, I worked in different areas cause the Volvo employee didn't come in or got put on different assignments. No benefits, vacation paid and worked in the worst summer days outside looking for different mix numbers on cars."

Maskiningenjör (Former Employee) says

"Ansvara för konstruktion av en del av bilen under bilens framtagning och produktion. Kontakter med leverantörer, produktionsberedning, inköp, testare m. fl. Akademisk miljö med höga krav och alltid tidspress.Flex fram till kl 9 och efter kl 15Svagt stöd från chefer"

Logistics (Former Employee) says

"Supervisor didn't follow protocol and the les to me getting fired. Gave me incorrect information and never told me that I had points occurred. I had to sign a final warning when I never got a verbal nor written."

Team Member/ Assembly (Former Employee) says

"Volvo is the hottest job in SC right now and they know it because people in the community is not use to the pay and the nicest car on the planet. I love volvo vehicles, I dreamt of this day and never thought i would be making them. Because I had a strong personality from all the sexism in there. I was targeted to get me out of the. It took 10 months to get in there with test, assessment and interviews. I am in tears everyday because HR let management dictate the lies they told to get me out of there because I was a woman. I was harass, discriminated and not treated fairly. I learned to do my station. They put people anywhere and only move the men. Its a very biased company. The management from Sweden are so sweet, but they let bad management take control. Employees are so in distress that they would leave the line and not come back. Some employees have Team Leaders that care you and help you grow. I was not fortunate. Its capable of being the best company to work for in SC. Too many mixed cultures and they dont care. Only numbers for the cars. Everyone makes mistakes in there and they are looking at the women on the line. Everyone is stress out, coming in doing drugs and drinking to block out the disparity. I am fighting to get my job back or reparations because I really worked hard and to get let go unfairly. I dont know how they are sleeping at night doing this to me. Good. Again high turnover rate and they dont care after all they invested.leasing Volvo vehicles and good paytoo much overtime and they lie all the time about everything. No life, no 2nd shift for assembly workers, long walk to station, nothing is equal. Its the ball that you are bounced."

truckförare mot produktionen (Former Employee) says

"Total obalans gentemot truckförare, inga marginaler för att lösa problem, lättare för cheferna att beordra mer övertid än att se till så att saker fungerar. Hände mer än en gång att man arbetade över på helgen, och på måndagen hade dagskiftet stått still halva dagen pga problem.Noll fritid, stressigt"

Senior Industrial Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The greenfield experience was exciting and energetic, but the management was poor. The culture went away from its initial values which included teamwork and collaboration to doing what you can to keep yourself off of the grid of management."

Recruiter (Contract) says

"No idea what they are doing. Poor leadership, no direction. Lots of turn over in key areas. Directions and priorities change constantly and all key lead roles are folks from Sweden who don't know US business or workforce.FlexibilityHorrible leadership"

Flexpool/timanställd (Current Employee) says

"Jag jobbade som flexpool på Volvo cars. Ansökte om jobberbjudanden i några veckor och dom hade inga arbetstillfällen för mig. Med tiden började dom ignorera mina meddelanden och svarar nu inte alls. Skulle lära mig att arbeta med bilarna men det slutade med att jag fick gå runt och städa hela tiden för att dom inte hade någon som kunde hjälpa mig.Bra med rasterDåligt ledarskap samt chef"

Truckförare (Current Employee) says

"Individerna som arbetar på Volvo är robotar som förväntas fungera i alla väder och alla omständigheter, ingen hänsyn tas till människan.300kr till julbord/årligenTyp resten"

Jim says

"At 56k the timing belt broke and bent al push rods. Ruined trans. This is after taking it to cherry hill Volvo. They refused responsibility as well as corporate. Would never buy any Volvo again. Kick."

Danny Knight says

"I had a 242DL, a 740GL and an S70. But I will never buy another Volvo even if it were the only car company in the world and I had to walk everywhere. They did not honour the warranty on any of my cars."

eroll says

"i took my car and explained buy phone,that my clime control is blowing and working ,but the air is not going,throw vents,i told the lady that and i showed her a photos that my car has involved in small accident,pedestrian airbag,deployed only and bumper resprayed,nothing changed,i left my car with them,took a taxi and whent home after an hour,they called me and we dont deal with cars with accident,i told her that i said please fix my clime as i will have an accident.Car is only 2 year old 11400miles,accident was in january,long time ago,but scary was i was om M25 when my windows steamed my clima was not blowing inside i don't know how i survived ,do you know what they said that is nothing to worry ,you have other issues to do ,but refused to do any work,because off accident,how in the earth,this happening i dont know,i new it is on the waranty,but offered to pay,no luck NEVER DRIVE WITH STEMED WINDOWS,KEEP SAFE"

Tankie Martin says

"I have had the Volvo V60 for over a year. The car was in the workshop when it was a week old. Had to stay there for a couple of weeks - due to the sensors going off all the time while driving the car. The original car I wanted was sold from underneath me - I had paid a £1000 deposit - but they still sold it. This Volvo V60 is OK - but nothing to write home about. I can only say the dealer I bought this from do not tell the truth. I asked for a car with heated front seats - I was told by the salesman on many occasions that it had heated front seats. I did complain to the salesman manager - he was not interested. I did write to Volvo UK customer service - but as normal - THEY DO NOTHING. What is the point of Customer services if they do nothing."

Nick de Jongh says

"The word Customer care does not exist at Volvo. Wanting a specific colour combination. Fusion red paint with Amber interior. Both colours are available for the XC60 but not together . Contacted every single person from the Vice- President Design. Vice President Marketing , Head of Production and quality control , CEO of Volvo UK and the Head of Customer services UK. Not a single acknowledgement or response. For a premium brand they have very un-premium service. They have absolutely no customer care and have no idea of design as they offer a white interior with a half white steering wheel and a ton of plastic and that is considered tasteful? Have now ordered a different Brand of vehicle as Volvo do not care. If customer care is this bad when ordering imagine how bad it will be if something goes wrong after sales."

Denzil Bassett says

"To be honest I was staggered to see all the lousy reviews (in the majority) on this site. But I have to agree. When I gave them the evidence they needed to investigate a potential safety recall scam involving an independent Volvo specialist and a franchisee, they informed me that an internal investigation would take place but that they would not reveal its findings to me or anyone else. They’ll protect the brand even where lives are at stake. Customer Services are a joke and won’t escalate the matter when you complain. So basically, you’re wasting your time by trying to help them. A total disgrace. Drive something else would be my advice."

Alice Allen says

"ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! We purchased a second hand car from Volvo Reading in February 2020 as we wanted a safe family car as we were expecting our first child. Upon purchasing the car we were told the car would be serviced before we could take the car home. From February - November we have done 6000miles in the car. Took it to have a service and MOT done and it FAILED the MOT!!!!! Not expecting that at all. The 2 front tyres were completely illegal and the brake pads AND brake discs needed replacing. I have previously purchased a second hand car from Ford a few years ago and had absolutely no problems with the car at all. We called Volvo to query this with them as for the tyres to now be illegal, they must have been pretty close to the limit when we purchased the car and for the brake DISCS to need changing, the brake pads can't have been in very good condition either! Not only did we have to keep chasing for a response as they weren't calling us back in the promised time frames, they have now come back to us and said they wont be doing anything about our complaint and the reason we had to have the work done must be down to our driving. We told them we would be taking the complaint further, to which they replied, 'that's fine I'll leave that to you'. If this is the type of customer service Volvo represents I am amazed how they are still going as a company! We were planning on buying a second car from them in the next year or so and my parents were also going to be buying a car from them this year. I think now we wont bother as all they seem to care about is taking your money."

Alexandra Cooper says

"I was driving home with my 2 year old son in the car on the M25, in the middle lane doing about 65mph, when our new Volvo XC40, which we bought 10 days earlier from Volvo Doves Croydon performed an emergency stop by applying the brakes all on its own with no intervention. I went from doing 65mph to a complete stop in a matter of metres. It was terrifying, once we had ground to a halt, I then couldn’t get the car to restart initially and then after a few minutes when it did finally start, and I put it in drive mode the car wouldn’t move as the electronic handbrake wouldn’t release. I couldn’t get the car to move at all and we stuck in the middle lane of the M25 with cars and lorries narrowly missing us every few seconds. I called 999 for help as we were just over the brow of a small hill, so cars and lorries had very little chance to brake and miss us – at one point a huge lorry missed us by about an inch – I genuinely thought we were going to get hit and die. I can’t overstate how utterly terrifying this ordeal was, it was really only a matter of time before we got hit at speed by another vehicle. The police said they could see us on the motorway cameras and were sending help but weren’t able to get to us very quickly. A very kind man and his wife stopped and at great danger to themselves used their car to attempt to semi block the motorway and stop the traffic. Another man in a private pickup recovery truck also stopped and did the same, resulting in slowing the traffic somewhat. I was absolutely distraught by this time as we’d been stuck there for 5 minutes and the car wouldn’t move. One of the men got into the driver’s seat and managed to restart the car for me, he said he did this by pumping the brake numerous times to get the electronic handbrake to release, he managed to move the car to the hard shoulder. Once on the hard shoulder, after I had managed to calm down, not easy when you're also nearly seven months pregnant, I got back in the car and together with the other cars that had stopped to help me we drove off along the hard shoulder, our Volvo was in between the two cars convoy style and the cars stayed with me to make sure the car wasn’t going to stop of its own accord again. After about a mile or so we moved into the slow lane and I drove home very cautiously, turning off at the next junction to get off the motorway as quickly as I could. Kent Police were aware of the incident as I was on the phone to them on the speaker phone in the car for the duration for the incident. This was the most harrowing experience of my life, I thought my 2 year old son, unborn child and myself were going to get hit by another car and die due to a fault with this car – a car, ironically, we had chosen to keep our growing family safe. Since then, I’ve had trouble sleeping due to nightmares, suffered with increased anxiety caused by this incident. Since the incident we’re had nothing but awful customer service from Volvo and today were told there is nothing they are prepared to do as they can’t find anything wrong with the car and we need to take it back - that is the only option they have said. They have offered no explaination for what happened or caused the incident, just that they can't find any issue from the data the car has recorded. It’s difficult to understate how unhappy I and my husband are with not only the car but also the steps that have been taken to try and sort this issue out. We're now going to have to fight every step of the way to attempt to get this rectified all whilst having no car to drive and still paying for it monthly."

david hodgson says

"Volvo can`t even fix there own product, bad attitude by Volvo. I bought my V60 Cross Country in July 2018 with 2500 miles ex demo car from Lloyd Volvo Carlisle. soon after it developed a gearbox whine, it went in twice but they could not find the noise, the 3rd time i took them out in the car myself then they heard the noise, said they would order a new gearbox which they did, after a short while the noise came back again, booked in , same old story cant hear the noise so i went out again and got the usual oh yeh it is making a noise, they told me to run it for a while to let it develope, did for a while was getting slightly worse, book in again to get cant hear it, took them out again, same oh i can hear it.they them took it in and decided to fit a turbo, did not fix told them its the gear box, they said it cant be its had one fitted, they then did the balance shafts in the engine, not fixed, they lagged air con pipes not fixed. did full timing check not fixed, they then got engineer from Volvo UK for two days and he said the noise is in the gearbox but they wont fit another because its a characteristic, which plain english means i dont know what it is or how to fix it, i asked them to strip the gearbox but they would not because they dont repair them anymore. they are not trained to do so. Pathetic organisation, i am a fully skilled motor vehicle technician who has stripped ,diagnosed and repaired loads of gearboxes . Top dollar for everything diabolical aftersales no support left with car under warranty and wont fix my car. no more Volvo cars for me"

Simon Avenell says

"Would highly recommend thinking twice about Volvo. Having just switched to them and placing my faith in their brand I have been bitterly disappointed by the service. Product is good, for which they charge premium rates, but after sales service and warranty team are appalling. I’ve had my £70k XC90 for less than 12months. First issue was a split alloy. No impact, it just failed and wheel leaked. Made to pay £1,000 for replacement and warranty team have insisted I prove through independent testing that it’s a product fault! Would definitely think twice before investing in this brand, they need to work on their product support and customer service to compete with other brands charging similar prices for their vehicles. Hope this helps, just sharing my experience."

Linda Chiles says

"Volvo Chiswick Customer service plus trying to get through to them is shambolic. Trying to order a towbar over a thousand pounds plus a topbox and nobody even bothers to answer the phone or if they do they put you through to another ringing phone that cuts you off. Get more staff or train them properly"

Customer says

"For a car who's reputation is built on safety, the new ad shows the driver needing alerts as they are encouraged to REVERSE OFF THEIR DRIVEWAY. Shameful."

Me says

"I have called the Doves showroom in Croydon everyday for the past week for a vehicle viewing. A week later and no one has even bothered to call me back. To also mention, on my second attempt at calling this dealership, the more mature receptionist was extremely rude. So I am almost glad I did not have the displeasure of meeting her, she needs to improve her customer service skills. On the upside, I had a range of dealerships who did call me back and I made an order on a car that is NOT a Volvo."

Liew ZQ says

"Car owner of Volvo XC90 from Malaysia. Quality control of Volvo is really unsatisfied. First of all,a warm notice to all potential or current Volvo owner.You must not lay your hand at the side of the door,as it's quality is not "meant for it".It would sink and the Volvo will tell you that not to do it.Really impressive with such results even for only driving it one year only.Next,beware of the damage parts!!! It would take u really long for the part to deliver to u in here Malaysia.Needless to mention the duration for you to claim a single piece of glass,if it's crack.I bet you wouldn't want to experience it.Last,you better think trice before getting a Volvo !"

Johnnyblue says

"I bought a 3 year old XC60 2 years ago with 65,000 miles on the clock. Since then we've only done approx 10,000 miles, but have had to replace the clutch amongst other things and have spent over two thousand pounds on repairs. In addition there have been 3 recalls in the last 2 years for what seem to be quite serious issues, the latest coming a week after I've just had it serviced by our Volvo dealer. Volvo are supposed to be a premium brand but I wish I'd kept my old Mondeo estate, which was far more reliable, just as comfortable, and a far better drive. If this car had a British badge on the front people would be screaming from the rooftops about how badly it's manufactured but I'd never buy a Volvo again and would not recommend."

Mrs Kelly Powell says

"I recently took my car to Volvo West London for it’s first service and I will not be returning! Because my car needed a part that wasn’t avail in the UK and then needed a tool to fix it, which was apparently so expensive that there is only one in the area that all the garages have to use, it took 2 weeks before my car was ready. They did get me a replacement car after a cpl of days though. When I went to collect it, Zafar, in reception, told me the cost of my service, and then said that they would be paying for it, despite knowing I had already paid for a service plan. When I walked to the car, the dirty footwell paper and used seat cover were still in the car. And it hadn’t been cleaned (despite assurances that it was going to be). Also, it was pouring very heavily with rain and I had no brolly. Imagine my surprise when the customer behind me was led out by my service person under his v big umbrella. The end of a very unpleasant experience. I find it very difficult to believe that Volvo cannot afford a few more tools and that they feel the need to resort to cheap salesman techniques. Not at all what I expected."

Falconmick says

"Bought a pre reg car that came with 100gb of data, which required me to register an account via Vodaphone. Couldn’t set up an account so phoned the Vodaphone helpline. Tried setting it up whilst talking to them, they were clueless and didn’t know what to suggest. Extremely disappointing that Volvo choose such a terrible business partner."

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